Approaching the 30 day mark

As you may know or not whatever but on 21 March 2013 marks the 30 day mark from when I wrote the Declaration of Success.

And let me tell you some of the things that I did manage to get done.

  1. I am almost close to completing the first goal of doubling the size of my email list.
  2. Its becoming a lot easier to sell the solo ads then it was before.
  3. Sending emails (regardless of the time) seems to get me at least 50 clicks or more

Things I’ve Learned

Just because you sell solo ads doesn’t mean that has to be your only source of income. Meaning recently I decided to run a quick but small test, and mailed for a ClickBank offer. I sent only 50 clicks to the offer, but I managed to make 3 sales from it. Residual income

Also sign up for some PPL programs, mail for them create another income stream for yourself. :-)

Don’t be afraid to test the water neither, if you mail for it and you don’t make sales then try again but with a different offer duh.

What Did I Do Last Week

I got to say last week was pretty damn stressful for me, but it was only stressful because I wasn’t paying attention to what the hell was going on.

For example I didn’t realize that I had signed up for 5 GAE. Yeah 5 giveaway events. I was doing pretty good you I was delivering clicks to each event or at least I thought. I had the host of one event tell me you haven’t sent any traffic in 39 hours, you got 7 hours before your gift is pulled.

Yeah, it was nice getting that because it made me realize the following “HOLY SHIT, Isaiah are you fucking CRAZY why the hell did you book yourself for 5 giveaway events” lol anyways I managed to complete it and make the leaderboards so I’m happy.

So its safe for you to assume that, that was all I did. I also did two 50 click adswaps.

Speaking of leaderboards allow me to tell you a quick but short story.

Ever since I got started online I always wanted to be on the leaderboard for a contest. Always wanted to be on one, I just wanted to see my name next to the big players in the industry.

So I recall a few weeks ago I was laying down getting ready to go to bed and I was going to ask my first mentor how the hell do I get my name on these leaderboards you know be in the top 10. Notice how I said was going to ask showing you that I clearly didn’t ask lol.

Then a few weeks ago my buddy Barry was hosting a quick 50 Click GAE, it starts and I’m in 9th place, then I shoot up to about 4th place then I shoot up to 1st place and I stayed there until the event was over winning the contest.

Then again the same week or following week, someone hosts a 100 click GAE, I hit second place really but I had won two prizes from it. When I hit that second place I stayed there for the entire event.

Then it happens again for the next event and the next. It got to the point where I had literally forgot about the prizes in the event so when someone would ask me for my PayPal I would have to ask them why they want it lol.

Then just last week I realized that I was having my name placed on leaderboards for the last few weeks and actually winning prizes because of it :-)

I know what you are thinking (I’m a mind reader lol) but you are thinking “Isaiah, what was the point of that story” well simple if you want something and you want it bad enough you will get it. But when you do you most likely won’t even realize you got it.

For example take the goal I set last week to hit 2200 subscribers, I hit that goal about 3 or 4 times last week and didn’t realize it until I kept checking how many subs I was getting everyday.

Current Stats 18 March 2013

Currently I have 2,177 subs on my main email list

Why I say main email list, well like I was telling my buddy Patrick last week. I had built a squeeze page and to see how well it would convert I sent my own list traffic to it. You know I use automation for it so when people subbed to that list they was removed from my main list. I lost 60 subs from the main list and gained 60 subs to that new list.

So my true current list size is 2,237 if you just include those lists.

I acutally have 2,312 subscribers in my account right now. I’m like 200 subs away from upgrading my GetReponse account lol

Total subs: 2,312 subscribers

Avg Clicks/Mail: 50+ clicks

Subs in the last 7 days: 442 subs w/o unsubs 307 w/ unsubs

Goals For 18 March 2013 − 25 March 2013

  1. Sell solos all week. (I’m not putting a number on this one for good reason)
  2. Enter ONE GAE. (I’m sure I don’t have to explain why just one lol)
  3. Solo Ad Special for the 21 March 2013 (the 30 day mark)
  4. Profitable sales funnel (so I can make money on the backend)
  5. Update my GR account to the next level (2500 subs to 5000 subs)

11 thoughts on “Approaching the 30 day mark

  1. Lewis Turner


    Now this is all paying off dude… next post i want to see some income stats too 😀

    And im about to PM you for this clickbank product LOL! 😛

    Keep pushing :)


    1. Isaiah Jackson Post author

      Yeah some income stats would be nice, I’ll post those next week then :)

      Yeah, this all starting to pay off now



    1. Isaiah Jackson Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Jeremy.

      And yeah I think a ton of people are going to be asking me what I promoted to the list lol

      Isaiah Jackson

    1. Isaiah Jackson Post author

      The last time I got a CTR that high was like a few weeks ago I think…. lol can’t really remember

      That would be awesome though to do that on a daily basis, but then I figure everyone would be asking me how I’m doing it.

      I’m actually thinking of a way to increase the CTR

      Isaiah Jackson

    1. Isaiah Jackson

      Thanks dude.

      I try to tie in both inspiration and informative into my posts.
      Along with a little personal story so people know who the hell they are dealing with lol.



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