This is it (60 days mark)

Here it is, the blog post many have been waiting for… (at least I hope so lol)

61 days ago I wrote a blog post titled Declaration of Success.

In the D.O.S. I listed some goals that I was looking to accomplish.

I am going to list them along with an explanation on how I did.

1. Double the size of my email list.
– Goal number when I said that was 2,968 subscribers
– Did I do it?

Lets see:
GetResponse: 2,182 subscribers
Aweber: 662 subscribers
Total: 2,844 subscribers

So no I was unable to accomplish this goal. I’m 124 subscribers short which is okay because I aim to hit that 124 subscribers before this month is over with. Truth be told I didn’t even know I had that many subscribers until now. Wow

2. Begin making $100+ per day with this email list.

Failed to make $100 per day for this entire month, which honestly is to be expected. Now here is something worth mentioning though. April 16, 2013 I had my first $75 payday with ONLY solo ads. I sold three days worth of solo ads on that day and made $75. Which the goal for me that day was to make $40, I doubled the amount of money I wanted to make that day without really trying to double the amount of money I made.

Here is something that I’ve been thinking about because I’ve been seeing this conversation going on in different Skype rooms. And from watching certain people also.

There is a lot of us newer guys out there who can easily sell 50 click solo ads, myself included. But the problem that I was seeing personally speaking at least is when it comes to buyer mentality. I mean don’t be me wrong being able to deliver 50+ clicks to a 50 click solo ad buyer is a good feeling, but I’m sure I can deliver more.

I send about 200 − 300 clicks a day using my email list, so then I’m asking myself why am I NOT selling 100 click solo ads?

I’m looking at my stats now 4/20/2013 I sent about 122 clicks in two emails with ONLY my Aweber list (which is insane by the way) I really sent about 60 −80 clicks in those two emails.

If I was to inclue my GR list its a total of 121 clicks and I only mailed my GR once for that day.

I can say this is what I will do:
Every Monday I, Isaiah Jackson will sell 100 click solo ads for $35+

Lol the ‘+’ is in there for insurance in case the demand becomes to high which would be a good thing 😉

I’m sure I don’t have to speak on the rest of the goals even though I should.

I don’t have a car right now, even though I was looking. Speaking of cars this will seem random but it feels powerful to me.

I told my mother about the goals I had set, hell I told everyone I could think of and constatnly read the comments on them. Now for the pass month or so I have been seeing that “dream car” that Chrysler 300C several times. In places that I have NEVER seen them before.

I am thinking to myself the 300C is right there like literally across the street from me as I walk pass it, its never been there before, I’m close, all I have to do is reach out for it, its right in front of me. I was actually on my way to the barbershop and they were about to close so I had to hurry. When I got to the barbershop a thought had entered my head.

What was the thought?

“Find out who owns the 300C knock on their door and ask them if I may sit in the drivers seat”

So that thought enters my head, and I’m asking myself how the hell am I going to convince the person to let me sit in the drivers seat.

I live in a very nice neighborhood very quiet mostly white (I’m no racist okay I get along with everyone)

So me just knocking on someone’s door automatically makes the person inside feel uncomfortable. So there is no way I’m going to be knocking on their door.

So I’m walking back home and I don’t see it :-(

Now I’m battling myself, mentally trying to figure out that if I see this car again will I be able to knock on the owners door and ask to sit in the vehicle, will I be able to convince the owner?

Then before I even get to pull out my keys to unlock the door to my house it happens.

What happens?

The answer to this entire damn thing.

I don’t have to convince the owner of anything really, I wrote a damn Declaration of Success Feb 21, 2013.

That one blog post convinced everyone I shared it with that I was serious about what I was talking about, and I didn’t have to say a word.

I can use that blog post as my motivation in convincing anyone with a 300C to let me sit in the drivers seat.

I want this vehicle I’m going to have.
I want to make $100+ per day, I’m going to do it.
I want to motivate and inspire others, I’m going to do it.
My goals I will accomplish them.

Here is what I want you to do. Yes, you reading this. Bookmark my Declaration of Success. Make it your homepage, make it the first thing you read every morning.

Hopefully it will inspire you, I know it did me. I wrote it but didn’t read it until after people commented on it.

Its because of those comments people left and even shared with me on a one-on-one basis that made me read it and actually really feel like I was doing something right. I made it into an .epub file and shared it with my GF the response I got back was “I cried reading it”

This will be it for this blog post which may actually be longer than the Declaration of Success.

I’ll be blogging again soon,

~ Isaiah Jackson

8 thoughts on “This is it (60 days mark)

  1. James High

    Isaiah –
    Your DOS is definitely an inspiration & it can be done. I have currently 3200 subscribers & for the month of April so far have made over $1000 purely from solo ads. May will be more as I am going to start 200 click ads.

    What I am getting at, is with persistence, you can accomplish anything. Bank like crazy. That will grow your list, make it so that you can send more.

    1. Isaiah Jackson Post author

      Yeah, I know what you mean when you say bank like crazy.

      I was coming up with an effective way to do it, so you really aren’t waiting for clicks also.

      I’ll have to share that later on though

      Isaiah J

  2. Galina St George

    Hi Isaiah,

    You have a lot going for you. The reason you are going to succeed is because you want it, and you work for it. All you need to do is to convince that mind of yours that you deserve it too.

    I don’t personally believe that you need to knock on somebody’s door and ask them to sit in the driver seat of a car you dream of. Let them knock on your door when you have that Chrysler outside your house. Then it will be you raising eyebrows and smiling to yourself.

    Keep going! :)


    1. Isaiah Jackson Post author

      I actually started smiling the moment I finished reading that comment.
      That is going to be pretty interesting to see :)

      Isaiah J

  3. Lena

    Looking forward to read more on your blog in the future. I think only time and effort is standing between and that we will read your success story here soon 😉

  4. Coby Wright

    Hey Isaiah,

    That 300c is almost yours!

    It’s so close and you are working so hard!

    Soon enough the 300c will be your “beater” car 😉

    Keep it up bro!


  5. Thomas Kragsig

    Keep going buddy and very soon you will have your that Chrysler 300C. I think you can sell more clicks than you’re doing right now. I see you’re really putting lots of work into this. Keep on blogging! I like reading your posts!


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