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To Succeed or To Fail

Alright back to report the results of what happened last week.

What did I do?

  1. Five 50 Click Swaps
  2. Joined a GAE (giveaway event)
  3. Sold eight 50 Click solo ads

I know completely blew what I planned on
doing right off the charts huh

Current stats right now:

Subs: 1,484
Avg Clicks Per Mailing: 40 − 60 Clicks

This week goals are:

  1. 1,550 Subs
  2. Schedule 3 swaps for 50 Clicks
  3. Sell more 50 Click Solos
  4. Buy two 100 Click Solos
  5. Send traffic to GAE

Now, why am I only going to do 3 swaps.
Here is some math for you

3 x 50 clicks = 150 clicks
2 x 100 Clicks = 200 clicks

Total Clicks = 350

Opt-ins I could receive between 100 − 175

Ultimately I would want to receive 100+ optins
per day. In order for me to do that I know that
I would have to receive at least 200 clicks to my
page every single day.

There are a few ways for me to get there:

  1. Start small, try getting up to at least 50 clicks
    to my page every single day. Thats 350 clicks a week
    which is about 25 opt-ins per day.

I can do seven 50 click swaps to get the 175 optins
for the week. That would bring my current list size
to about 1660.

If I did that for one month my list would grow to about
2,184 subscribers

Or a more speedy approach would be to do this:

50 click swaps x 14 = 700 clicks for the week
which could bring my current list size to about 1,834 subs

If I did this for one month my list would grow to about
2,884 subscribers

the following:

50 click swaps x 28 = 1,400 clicks for the week

Yes, that means doing FOUR 50 click swaps a day, which gives
me the 200 clicks per day, which would give me the 75 − 100 subs
per day.

Taking my current list size from 1,484 up to 2,184.

If I did that for only two weeks my subs grow up to 2,884.

If I did it for one month I would have a list close to the size of 5,000

Yes, I just sat here doing all the math :-)

Now all that is left determining the approach that is right for me
any real hardcore listbuilder is going to say get rid of all other
approaches and go with the EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE APPROACH.

But this not for them, its for me.

So I chose what I want. Ha.

~ Isaiah Jackson