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Don’t Let THIS Consume You


I’m back with my weekly blog posts and I have two goals in
mind for it actually.

The first goal being to inspire you and the second goal would
be to post my stats and goals for the next 7 days. But first lets
start with the inspiration part of it.

Do you remember the first time you acutally took action on something?
Do you remember having an idea and going to bed thinking about it?
Do you remember waking up the next day asking yourself “Why didn’t I do that?”
Did you go to bed the next week asking yourself what if?

Congratulations you have fallen victim to the “THIS” in the title of the blog post.
What is the “THIS” well its “FEAR” now here comes my story of when I sold my
first solo.

I remember the day before I actually sold them, what was on my mind. I had thought about an ad I wanted to post on Facebook and a Skype group. Nothing spammy of course just something really quick short and to the point.

Now I had thought about posting this for about 3 or 4 days. And I had a lot to think about also. I only had a list of 800–900 subscribers and I wanted to sell 50 clicks. What the hell was I thinking. Anybody else would have told me to reach 1,000–1,5000 then sell but I wanted to do it.

After battling my mind with questions such as: “What do I have to lose”, “What is the worst that can happen”, “What if I can’t deliver the clicks”, “What if nobody buys”

The answer to those questions actually revolved around me posting the damn ad. Think about it. What do I have to lose? Nothing it was worth the try. What is the worst that can happen? Nobody will buy my clicks. What if I can’t deliver the clicks? Then keep mailing until the clicks are delivered. What if nobody buys? No one will buy if they don’t know you are selling.

Then I posted in Skype and Facebok, made two sales from Facebook Zero sales from Skype it was worth the shot lol

Sold two solos in less than 15 minutes, makes you wonder why the hell was I stressing myself out with the thought of selling. Won’t be doing that anymore though. I’m pretty confident now in my abilities and know I’m in full control if Fear decides to knock on my door to say hello or give me some “fear” cookies then I’m slamming the door right on fear.


Just fucking do it. Sorry about my language but I’m being seriously life begins outside that comfort zone. Time to step out of that and start living. I could talk about this all day literally but I have a second goal remember lol.

Now onto the cool stuff.

I have reached my goal of hitting 2,000 subscribers WOOOHOOOOOO

I actually have more than 2,000

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 10.40.02 AM

Now how did I do it well this will surprise you.

  1. Done two 50 click swaps (what the hell lol)
  2. Participating in 2 Giveaway events
  3. Still doing Clickbanking with people
  4. Sold some solos (like two)
  5. Spent some money like $37 on my buddies software Instasqueeze (its a cool little plugin so if you want to check it out go ahead)

Okay now with that out of the way goals for this week:

  1. 2200 subscribers
  2. Do at least 3 swaps
  3. Sell at least two solos

Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post :)

Isaiah Jackson