Can I Make It…

Curious to know what exactly I am talking about huh?

Okay looking at the numbers right now I reached my goal
and actually got more subs

Current stats:

Total Subs: 1,632 subs

Avg Clicks Per Mailing: 40–50 clicks (still ugh)

I’m not going to beat myself up about the amount
of clicks I’m sending per mailing. I accomplished
my goal I was EXTREMELY close to getting 1,650.

I just came up short thats all lol.

Its alright though because I know I will have 1,650 subs
before the night is over :-)

If you haven’t read the Declaration of Success read it right NOW!

Okay, on to the title of the blog post. I want to attempt to bulid
my list A LOT quicker but not increase my workload.

You know the process:

  1. Contact someone on Skype for an adswap (or someone contacts you)
  2. Set up a date for the swap
  3. create your tracking link
  4. send it to the swap partner
  5. Find your email swipe
  6. Send your email swipe to them

I don’t really mind that process at all to be honest with you.
But I want to move quicker, and faster. And from experience
I can tell you chatting with 3 or more people at the same time
setting up can get pretty hectic to say the least.

So now on to some solutions for this problem.

Solution #1:

  1. Keep my calendar open (solves step #2)
  2. Keep a separate windown open for tracking
  3. Keep TextEdit open with my swipe file

Solution #2:

  1. Have someone do this stuff for me

But if you read the Declaration of Success then you already know that
is NOT an option.

Solution #3:

  1. Stop doing Ad Swaps
  2. Continue To Sell 50 Click Solos
  3. Use $$ Made From Selling Solos to Buy Solos

Whats the problem I run into with this hmmmmmm.

Most solos now a days go for $30 – $50 for 100 Clicks
meaning I would have to sell two 50 Clicks solos for $20
everyday and use the $40 I’m making to get 100 clicks
that same day.

Or I could wait to get the clicks. Meaning save the $40 I
could make everyday. Then use the money lets say $280
to buy a bigger click package say about 500 − 1,000 clicks

Now remember in the post To Succeed or To Fail
I said that I needed a minimum of 1,400 clicks a week
for just ONE MONTH which will get me to accomplish
my goal of doubling the size of my email list :-)

Correction if I did that for only TWO WEEKS I would hit
my goal. I would have went back and made the change
but decided not too lol

Anyways this post is getting kind of long so here
are my goals for this week:

  1. 2000 subs (I’m not too far from 1700 so 2000 is the next best number…)
  2. Do at least 5 adswaps (I will most likely do more than that lol)
  3. Sell a solo or two (keeps money in my PayPal account :-) )

Got a decision to make about which solution I’m going to run with for this week.
I might run with solution #1 since I’m going to be doing at least 5 adswaps so I might
as well. Then move on to solution #3 later on.

Hope you enjoyed this. See you next week.

(or maybe later on this week lol)

~ Isaiah J.

In order for me to become a better version of myself,
I have to do some things I’ve never done and push past comfort

2,000 subs by next week is scary for me thats 400 subs in one week
something I haven’t done before but by making it public I set myself
up to attempt to do something I haven’t done before.

No turning back now…. which is fine with me

One thought on “Can I Make It…

  1. Edwin

    Use and spend $40 bucks on proxy traffic. That should get you around 500 subs. Make sure to make a new list for these subs as a lot of the subs are junk but there are some golden nuggets.

    So after you filter out the good subs, transfer them over to your current list, and delete the bad list.

    You’ll reach your goal in no time :)


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