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The EPIC Fail (Sort Of…)

Alright, this one is extremely late.

Truth be told I actually forgot today was Monday. Literally if it wasn’t for LT then I would have never even started writing this lol.

Anyways back to the title. What was the EPIC fail.

On the 20th of March 2013, GetResponse decided to deactivate my account. Causing me to basically to lose my entire email list and business in the blink of an eye. Now I immediately got in contact with the support team and asked them why and I didn’t receive any notifications. They then told me to contact the compliance team that sent me the email and EMAIL them.

I was expecting to get on the phone with someone not just explain to them what happened via email.

Anyways the good news is I got the account back pretty much the same day but the told me not to email my list more than twice a day “ouch”

I was sending 3 emails a day by the way mailing the un-opens not the entire list 3 times.

So now I’m stuck with mailing only 2 times a day. Okay no problem but for some magical reason deliverability has went down the drain. I mean seriously.

I went from being able to generate 50+ clicks in a single email to about 20 – 30 lol what the hell happened there oh well.

Lesson learned never and I mean NEVER place all your eggs in one basket. So tell the Easter bunny to have two baskets ready for you lol. Also backup your list DAILY, not weekly but DAILY!

Anyways since then I had pretty much stopped building my list in GetResponse, still got all the leads though all 2400 of them.

I opened up an Aweber account (I know back to square one huh lol) I started building a list in their. So far its at about 310 subscribers. Holy cow, that is pretty low considering I was able to add over 1,000 leads to a GetResponse account in less than 60 days.

So what did I do last week. Well I invested a ton of money well not really back into the business. I’ve bought Total Traffic Packages from John Cornetta. If you don’t know who he is and you are doing solo ads lol where have you been.

Anyways you can check out Total Traffic Packages Here (affiliate link)

I didn’t expect to get much out of it, well that was really retarded of me to say. He gives a lot of stuff to the members literally. In fact I have a squeeze page right now that is converting at a consistent 56% and up because of one of the things he is giving a way.

But this is not a promotional blog post if you want to know more about it just tell me and I’ll tell you.

Total Spent: $48.95 (Total Traffic Packages + Aweber Account)

I made the money back pretty damn quickly too.

So here is the game plan so pay attention.

Ever since I’ve had an Aweber account I’ve never reached 1,000 subscribers.
So the goal is to take the account from 310 subs to 1,000 as fast as I possibly can.

Aweber Stats:

Total Subs: 310 Subs
Clicks Per Mailing: 10-20 clicks

With the list this size I can do 20 click swaps or if I’m feeling ambitious I can do 30-50 click swaps with just this list.

I can still do 50 Click swaps with my GetResponse list even though deliverability has taken a nap.

With that said time to get some Clickbanking partners my minimum is 100 max being 500 clicks.

So if you want to bank clicks with me then, let me know.

I’m going to wait on the adswaps though. Why? Well if I am going to be banking clicks
and if I’m doing it right I won’t have anything to mail for. Well I will affiliate offers, PPL programs, CPA stuff. Stuff like that.

Money Spent this week (wanted to throw this in there)
GR (2500 subs package) $25/month
ClixTrac (Professional) $9.95/month

Money Made This Week:
OTO Sales: 1 for $17
Affiliate sales: 3 (1 for $12, 1 for $2.50, 1 for $5.00) oh and these are per month

So my ClixTrac bill is pretty much paid for along with my GetResponse bill. And these are only sales I’ve made this week not including last week.

I want to pick up Ad Trackz Gold but don’t know which version to get the WP version($67) or the script ($77)

Why do I want Ad Trackz Gold? Good question first of all I have nothing against ClixTrac it does a great job for me right now but has limited functionality. Can’t measure CPC, sales, and stuff further down a sales funnel. Stuff I would like to measure. Oh and I still haven’t got that good of a sales funnel.

I mean finding something that gives me a $0.40 EPC is rather complicated but will be worth it once I get it. Can you say reinvesting the money back into solos :)

That will be it for today.

Isaiah Jackson