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Declaration of Success

Alright so at this very moment I am letting this Declaration be made available to the public, and here are some of the reason why I am making this public:

Something I realized earlier this week actually, by making a goal public regardless of how small or large it is. The chances of you accomplishing the goal assuming you know what you are doing go up dramatically.

You can check out this blog right now and see what I mean. Every time I documented what my goals were for the week I either completly destroyed them or I failed to meet them by only a few numbers.

Also by making things public you pretty much set yourself to saying “hey I have to accomplish this, if I don’t then I just made a complete fool out of myself”, so you either do it or you don’t.

This post is not about why you should make some goals public so I will stop talking about that right now lol sorry.

So what I’ll do is get more into the point as to why I’m writing this post and motives behind it. First thing first I just finished reading a blog post by LT and what he said in the post was basically that he is leaving his business.

Yeah, you read that right he is LEAVING THE BUSINESS to accomplish his goals which are also listed on his site. Go figure right lol.

He pretty much gave himself 60 days to accomplish as much as he can then he will start to focus on other goals.

I know what you are thinking right now (I’m a mind reader). What does that have to do with you Isaiah? (see told you I’m a mind reader lol)

Well he pretty made his goals public and I have to say they are some pretty interesting goals. What really shocked me based on when I read the comments is that LT is the same age I am. Yeah we both are only 21 years old 😀

Caught me by surprise, here I see someone my age doing stuff that I would love to be doing right now which also another reason for me to write this post.

So here it is what do I want to accomplish in the same time span as LT.

60 Days From Now I Will Accomplish The Following:

  1. Double the size of my current email list. Which based on my last post would put me at close to 3,000 subscribers

  2. Begin making $100+ per day with that email list. Several ways to hit this goal but I’m sure at that point I can send some traffic. Why do I want to make $100 per day is like asking why does anyone want to make money online ever? In a nut shell I enjoy being in control of my life, from the failures and the success. Its one area where I can say “I fucked up” and actually see how badly I messed up then learn something from it.

  3. Make enough money to buy my first car. Whoa WTF Isaiah you don’t have a car. Yes that is correct I’m 21 years old no vehicle and still live with my parents so fucking what does it make me feel bad no. I can tell you exactly why I don’t have a vehicle but that will come in a blog post later. The car is a Chrysler 300C a car that I said I wanted since I was 15 years old.

  4. Help as many people as I possibly can in any way that I can. Now this is something I have already started doing and with great success. It came to me from a good friend of mine his name is Matthew Neer. I had told him what had just occurred in my life pretty much after I woke up that day, and he gave me some very empowering words. Thank You Matthew. Thank you Jamie Lewis (that movie you made wow amazing stuff)

  5. Surprise a few people. No I’m not talking about the haters and jealous individuals I can care less about them. I’m talking about surprising the people that matter in my life. In particular I would really LOVE to surprise my grandmother who I haven’t seen since I was 10 years old. Thats 11 years for those that don’t feel like doing math lol. She is not the only person I would like to surprise though I’ll most likely get more into that in another blog post. Oh and my grandmother is in California while I’m here in the midwest so yeah.

  6. Change my lifestyle for the better. This is a really big one for me. Yeah see you probably thought I was just going to list business goals huh. But yeah change it for the better develop better habits, nutrition, everything. In fact I was just talking to my GF about this and I have her full support (I think lol) no seriously I do.

  7. Inspire. This plays with goal number 4 a bit I know but still its important to me. You see growing up I really didn’t have an inspiration, no one to really look up too. So I know that if I can at least make the difference in my life and make it known through this particular post that others will begin to follow. My sisters would view that like damn thats my brother and he completely changed his life, I need to get my shit together so I can do that same.

You see its in the actions of someone you care about, that gets every one else who cares about you to make a change also.

That is powerful to me. It really is and its what pretty drives me to no end to make everything I’m doing online work regardless of what my “mom” might think.

Funny thing is the other day I asked her what she thought I was doing on my laptop and she said “I don’t know, probably playing games or something”. Which hurt me a little because I know why she thought that. She doesn’t really see the success even though they are small but still success.

She didn’t see me go from having $24 in my Paypal, to giving my GF $20 for gas money, having $1 left in my account, then making $144 seven days later and helping a few people in the process. She didn’t see that but now that I just said it, you do.

Welcome to the life of Isaiah Jackson

Yes, I struggle.

Yes, I fail.

Yes, I succeed.

Yes, I fall down.

But you know what I get back up. Each and every time. Why? Because its just how passionate I am about this. By having people see me take a beating and fail but still get right back up and try again empowers people and I’m happy to be doing that :-)

There is my Declaration of Success.

Isaiah Jackson