Current Stats (1-21-2013)

I really need to start doing this every Monday.

Okay here is what I’ve done so far:

  1. Switched A/R (now using GetResponse)
  2. Sold my first two solos (50 clicks for $15)
  3. Moved all my subs from Aweber To GetResponse
  4. Started banking clicks with some folks
  5. Joined some giveaway events for the first time
  6. Still adswapping of course
  7. Plan on selling more solos, then investing the money back into the biz

Since the move to GR I’ve lost about 100+ subs

Stats on GR

890 total subs
Avg Clicks Per Mailing: 30 Clicks
Unsub Rate: .12 Percent

All in all I would say I’m doing pretty good :-)


lets add 75-100 subs this week to my list

Next week I will have 990 subscribers on my list

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