Current Stats (12-28-2012)

Alright well here are my current stats for today so far.

Aweber stats:

Today: 13 subs

Yesterday: 31 subs

Subscribed: 996

Unsubscribed: 148

Grand Total: 1,144

I think I need to find a way to increase the amount of subs
I am getting per day.

I mean it looks like I added about 98 new subscribers to my list
which is cool and all but I should have added more.

I plan on adding more at the moment I could get 30 − 50 clicks with
the list.

Depending on how creative I decide to be with the email I’m sending.

With the help of someone (won’t mention his name but he knows who he is)
I have decided to start selling 50 click solos to people :-)

I will also continue to swap with people also.

I’m super excited, things are finally starting to take off for me.

Talk soon,

~ Isaiah

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