No Internet, No Laptop, Still Determined To Succeed

Wow, a lot has been happening this past week.

I mean last week was the issue with GetResponse and just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse it does lol.

What happened last week which pretty much explains this title.

Here I was on Thursday setting up a new sales funnel idea I had come up with. And I was designing the download page (which is done now after about 4 or 5 days)

While I’m creating this page something terrible happened. My laptop just shut down right in the middle of creating the page. Yeah that sucks, raw HTML gone just like that.

Now I didn’t think much of it because on most Macs, all you would have to do is reopen the app and you will start right where you left off. So I wasn’t really worried about it that much.

Well that “not worrying that much” quickly became a “Oh My Gosh I am about to lose EVERYTHING”

The Mac would boot up and all I would see is the Apple logo followed by a loading circle under it followed by a loading progress bar. This worried me because the bar is NOT supposed to be there. So I pretty much sat here and waited for the bar to fill up.

Which NEVER happened.

Literally it would get like 15% – 20% of the way there then the bar would disappear then the Mac would just shut off again. So after thinking about what was happening I realized that my Mac was trying to boot into safe mode, something is wrong with the hard drive partition and it is forcing me to fix it. Okay cool.

BIG PROBLEM: I was able to load the Recovery options for the Mac to attempt to fix the problem. By loading up Disk Utility to “Verify Disk” the “Repair Disk” I ran into errors. Disk Utility couldn’t verify or repair the disk at all. Then I was told to “Backup as many files as you can” and try again.

Why was this a problem well how am I going to backup any files when I can’t get pass the Apple loading screen? Wasn’t even making it to the login screen lol

Next option was to boot into single user mode input some commands to try and repair the disk that way. Well that also failed lol.

I had an external hard drive and attempted to connect it to the Mac thinking that I could just create a bootable image of the hard drive using Disk Utility thus keeping everything intact but the hard drive failed to work.

Walmart is closed at this time so I will have to wait until Friday. Friday hits I go to Walmart and pick up an external harddrive which is cloud based the MyBook Live (never used it before) so I set it up on an old laptop that I was suprised still turned on.

I go back to the messed up Mac boot into single user mode and attempt to bypass the login screen so I can create a backup using Time Machine. SUCCESS.

Problem here though I was backing up over 1MM files that is 1 million files incase you didn’t know. 500 GB which took about 28+ hours to complete. Now I have to erase the hard drive, which was pretty easy in Disk Utilty. I had to find the original disk that came with the Mac boot using the disk and erase the hard drive.

Now the fun part reinstalling the operation system. Which after erasing everything on the disk, there wasn’t one lol. So I use the disk to install Snow Leopard, and wow was the first thing I said. Apple has came a long way. After I get snow leopard running I install the latest OS Mountain Lion, and now I’m in the process of getting back my most frequent apps like Transmit, Byword (which is what I use to type this), Dreamweaver, Bartender, Flycut, QuickSilver, 1Password, Notational Velocity along with many others.

So now I’m back in business. What made this whole experience worse was that I had solos I sold earlier in the week and was a part of a 200 Click GAE.

I notified the solo ad buyer and the host of the event what was going on.
Also because of this little nap my Mac hard drive decided to take I missed out on new leads I would have got via adswaps.

So what is the goal for this week:

  1. Continue to backup the Mac (as much as possible to save myself next time)
  2. Set up 3 or 4 adswaps for this week
  3. Host my first 100 click GAE (need 4 people if interested contact me ASAP)
  4. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY (I haven’t got much done lately so I will fix that)

What are your goals for this week?

Le me know in the comments below.

Talk soon,
~ Isaiah Jackson

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