Did I Make It? (2-4-2013 Stats)

Unfortunately I didn’t achieve my goal of having 1300 subs this week :-(

Now is it entirely my fault it happened I would love to say so
but truth be told its not, I did exactly the same thing I did
last week.

But here is what happend my hosting company had a power surge
which knocked out a breaker in their building causing servers,
lights, pretty much everything to get shut off almost immediately.

Don’t believe me? Check out their Twitter page here https://twitter.com/bluehost

Anyways, with that said the servers took a MAJOR HIT, took about 4 hours
to get back up and running. Thats 4 hours I could have got at least 50+
subscribers which would have made me reach my goal.

Current Stats:
1240 subs
Avg Clicks Per Mailing: 45-50 Clicks

Goals For Next Week:

  1. To have 1,350 subscribers on my email list
  2. Do at least Seven 50 Click ad swaps
  3. Sell at least one or two 50 click solos

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