Getting FREE Traffic (the big lie)

yeah it is possible to get some free traffic, the only thing you really have to worry about is giving your time to do it.

So I guess in a sense it really is NOT free huh?

However with this journey I’m going on, it is actually possible to get
some free traffic to my landing page.

Here is how I’m going to do this:

  1. Contact some click banking folks
  2. Send them clicks via my follow up sequence
  3. At the end of the month bank all those clicks

Now that I would have that setup its actually time to
get people to visit my site.

Getting free traffic 101

  1. Forum sig link that goes back to my landing page
  2. Do some ad swaps with some folks, aim for at least 1 swap a day
  3. make a video and post on youtube
  4. post the youtube video everywhere
  5. Collect the opt-ins
  6. The follow up sequence would do the rest for me

There you have it getting free traffic LIKE A BOSS

the only thing I gave was my time in setting it up, now I’m off
to set it up.

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