What The Hell Is An Income Report?

Okay, so I’ve been seeing a ton of income reports float around. A lot of interesting stuff and some successful people to say the least.

So I thought to myself “Hey, Isaiah why not make one also?”

So I’m going to try my best with creating one right now.

List Building

If you have been following this journey then you know

that a majority of what I do is list building and selling solos.

Income from list building: $61

No solos have been sold at all this month lol so this number will be going up lol

Affiliate Marketing

So far this month this is where a bulk of the money I have been making

is coming from. Strange because I haven’t really actively promoted anything.

Income from affiliate marketing: $105.94

A bulk of this income is coming in automatically so I don’t even know about it for the most part.

Total Income as of 7 April 2013: $166.94

Its a pretty good week so far if you ask me :)

Talk soon,

– Isaiah Jackson

3 thoughts on “What The Hell Is An Income Report?

    1. Isaiah Jackson Post author

      I know right. Truth be told I really didn’t even do any work lol crazy. Makes me wonder what would happen if I actually did something

      – Isaiah J.


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