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Moment of Clarity

Here it is, the post that everyone has been waiting for and the one that I have been dreading lol

Long story short I didn’t hit the 2,000 subscribers :(

But you know what I’m cool with that why because I’ve actually got myself to finally
break the 100 subs a week mark. You see there is always something. There has only been a few times where I actually got more than 100 subs in one week from adswapping and this was one of those times.

You see by setting my goal to 2,000 I was pretty much forcing myself to get more than 100 subs in a week. Even though we know by now that 100 subs a day is a must for me.

So how many subs did I actually get:


Now we both know that if my list size had stayed the same while mailing that I would only be about 38 subscribers away right? But because we email our list we are bound to see some unsubs, it happens oh well.

So 163 subs away from hitting 2,000 speaking of 2,000 when I hit 2,500 subs I’m going to have to update my GR account lol how nice huh

So what did I do this time:

  1. I didn’t do as many ad swaps. I only did 4 swaps, I would have done 5 but had someone drop out on me on Saturday.
  2. Was doing two GAE. I placed first in one of them which is a first for me woooohooooo and for the second one I am also currently first on that also WOOOOHOOOOO
  3. Banking clicks with 3 people right now, Lewis T, Daniel M, and David W.

Speaking of Clickbanking do something differing with Daniel M. He is my accountability parnter/competition right now. Meaning we will send each other clicks so that we are always growing out list. Why is a competition simple because we want to see who will
send the most amount of clicks.

Which is cool because in the beginning I was sending clicks to fast so we suggested that I turn off my traffic (if that is even possible) so he could catch up. Which is what I’ve been doing, see when we first started it took me two days to get him 100 clicks while it took him three :)

Its cool though I won’t be turning off any traffic anytime soon so if he sees a spike in clicks and optins he will know they came from me.

Thinking about clicks the current event I am apart of which is a small 50 click event or is it?

In this event I have sent at least 278 unique clicks with a conversion rate of 46% giving the host of the event a nice chunk of subs about 128 to be exact lucky him huh lol

Someone send me 128 subs right now lol I could use them.

Okay goals for this week:

  1. 2,000 Subscribers On My Email List
  2. Do at least 6 adswaps
  3. Sell at least two solos

With that said I need to get something to go workout and then get something to eat.

Isaiah J.

Feel free to leave a comment in the comments box below, I would really appreciate it :)