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Can I Make It…

Curious to know what exactly I am talking about huh?

Okay looking at the numbers right now I reached my goal
and actually got more subs

Current stats:

Total Subs: 1,632 subs

Avg Clicks Per Mailing: 40–50 clicks (still ugh)

I’m not going to beat myself up about the amount
of clicks I’m sending per mailing. I accomplished
my goal I was EXTREMELY close to getting 1,650.

I just came up short thats all lol.

Its alright though because I know I will have 1,650 subs
before the night is over :-)

If you haven’t read the Declaration of Success read it right NOW!

Okay, on to the title of the blog post. I want to attempt to bulid
my list A LOT quicker but not increase my workload.

You know the process:

  1. Contact someone on Skype for an adswap (or someone contacts you)
  2. Set up a date for the swap
  3. create your tracking link
  4. send it to the swap partner
  5. Find your email swipe
  6. Send your email swipe to them

I don’t really mind that process at all to be honest with you.
But I want to move quicker, and faster. And from experience
I can tell you chatting with 3 or more people at the same time
setting up can get pretty hectic to say the least.

So now on to some solutions for this problem.

Solution #1:

  1. Keep my calendar open (solves step #2)
  2. Keep a separate windown open for tracking
  3. Keep TextEdit open with my swipe file

Solution #2:

  1. Have someone do this stuff for me

But if you read the Declaration of Success then you already know that
is NOT an option.

Solution #3:

  1. Stop doing Ad Swaps
  2. Continue To Sell 50 Click Solos
  3. Use $$ Made From Selling Solos to Buy Solos

Whats the problem I run into with this hmmmmmm.

Most solos now a days go for $30 – $50 for 100 Clicks
meaning I would have to sell two 50 Clicks solos for $20
everyday and use the $40 I’m making to get 100 clicks
that same day.

Or I could wait to get the clicks. Meaning save the $40 I
could make everyday. Then use the money lets say $280
to buy a bigger click package say about 500 − 1,000 clicks

Now remember in the post To Succeed or To Fail
I said that I needed a minimum of 1,400 clicks a week
for just ONE MONTH which will get me to accomplish
my goal of doubling the size of my email list :-)

Correction if I did that for only TWO WEEKS I would hit
my goal. I would have went back and made the change
but decided not too lol

Anyways this post is getting kind of long so here
are my goals for this week:

  1. 2000 subs (I’m not too far from 1700 so 2000 is the next best number…)
  2. Do at least 5 adswaps (I will most likely do more than that lol)
  3. Sell a solo or two (keeps money in my PayPal account :-) )

Got a decision to make about which solution I’m going to run with for this week.
I might run with solution #1 since I’m going to be doing at least 5 adswaps so I might
as well. Then move on to solution #3 later on.

Hope you enjoyed this. See you next week.

(or maybe later on this week lol)

~ Isaiah J.

In order for me to become a better version of myself,
I have to do some things I’ve never done and push past comfort

2,000 subs by next week is scary for me thats 400 subs in one week
something I haven’t done before but by making it public I set myself
up to attempt to do something I haven’t done before.

No turning back now…. which is fine with me