The Ultimate Solo Ad Checklist



I think something like this is really needed if you want to get into selling solo ads.

So I’m going to share with you the tools that I use. Along with why I use them.


I use these two autoresponders because so far they have been the best ones for me right now. GetResponse has some incredible features that Aweber does not have at the moment. But you can’t really beat Aweber’s deliverablitly. Plus you want to have at least 2 autoresponders that way you can mail out more than 3 times a day.


The Click Maximizer

I started out with using ClixTrac because it was an affordable option for me at the time. Sending/Receiving over like 2,000+ clicks a month while only paying about $9.95 a month was one hell of a deal. But I wanted more information so I  just recently moved to using AdTrackz Gold. After receiving about 1,000 clicks since I got it, I can easily tell why its recommended so much.

I’ve been using The Click Maximizer for quite sometime now, a must have tool for anyone really. Being able to redirect traffic, set max clicks, days to start and end, plus more. This is stuff that I have used and it has come in handy when I was dong multiple swaps a day.t

Solos & Swaps:

Lewis Turner’s Solo Swap Syndicate


I first started off with using The Solo Swap Syndicate to start doing swaps and solos. In fact I got my first solo ad sells inside of The Solo Swap Syndicate. Now I use a combination of that and Skype to set up adswaps, buy and sell solo ads.


WP Lead Plus


Total Traffic Packages

When I first started I was using WP Lead Plus to help me create my squeeze page. Which is very easy to do its basically a WYSIWYG editor for WordPress which is what I liked about it. I used it for GAE (giveaway events) and my pages got conversions as high as 67% or more. I then got InstaSqueeze for the simple fact that I wanted to test it out really. Ever make a squeeze page in 52 seconds? Yeah, it took me 52 seconds to create a squeeze page using it. Its also a WordPress plugin I use it for my campaigns I have set up in my followup sequence (which I will not be sharing today) and its working pretty well.

I got Total Traffic packages a while ago. Lets just say John Cornetta is absolutely insane with providing his members with everything they need to build a list and make money fast. When I got inside the members area, it was quite clear that there was enough stuff in there to last me about 6 months maybe even more. Inside of Total Traffic Packages I got access to a Diamond Level of his product Street Smart Profits and inside there is something called Profit Funnels.

I’ve set one up and sent 500 clicks to it. I mailed my list first then I setup a few swaps with other people to test and see how the squeeze page will convert along with the OTO page. After it was said and done I had a conversion rate of about 57% and a few OTO sales as well. What makes this pretty cool is that I didn’t have to go through the hassel of “logging into PayPal, setting up a buy button” or all of that other complicated stuff that comes with setting up an OTO. Its not really complicated but it can take up a good chunk of time. All I had to do was plug in my PayPal email, my affiliate ID for a few platforms, Aweber form code (leads and buyers), and I was good to go after that.

Payment Processing:

I’ve been using CB since I got started online, so its really a no brainer for me to actually be using them. JVZoo and Paypal. I use JVZoo when promoting affiliate offers, or if I have my own offer that I want to promote. I use PayPal to solo ads.


Max A/B

Visual Website Optimizer

Google Analytics/Content Experiments

Max A/B is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to split test 3 versions of a page pretty cool little plugin. I’ve used when first starting, Was able to find out that after about 1400 clicks both pages were converting at about 40% or higher. And if you have been on the Internet for more than 10 seconds I’m sure you know what Google Analytics is lol.


Other Tools:

I know I didn’t want to include those two lol but it wouldn’t be an ULTIMATE CHECKLIST without adding them. I use Bluehost to host my domain names and I use GoDaddy to buy them. Nothing much more to say about that. I use YOURLS.ORG to create a link shortening url, I would use Pretty Link Lite for WordPress, but I decided against it for some reason, I don’t really remember why lol.

So that is it for The Ultimate Solo Ad Checklist…..

….or is it?

I will continue to update this checklist as I go along but these are the tools I’m using right now.

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Solo Ad Checklist

  1. Galina St George

    Hi Isaiah,

    That’s a nice checklist! Well done. If gives an overview of what is needed to start with the solo ads business, in a short and uncluttered way. I would also include Lead Gorilla for building squeeze pages (I am using it), and there a few other tools too. But you have more than enough listed here. Great post to refer to for those who are new to the business.

    Best wishes,


    1. Isaiah Jackson

      Yeah, I included as much of the stuff I use I can think of.

      Just wanted to help anyone out, because I’ve seen a lot of people asking about what to use and things like that.

      – Isaiah

  2. Thomas Kragsig

    Yo Isaiah,

    Great post where you really share most of your tools. It’s great inspiration. I use some of them two. One thing I’ve been thinking about is to create an account on GetResponse too. Just wondering if it’s possible to import your Aweber list and start mailing from there also?

    I use quality click control and AdTrackzGold for tracking and I’m really satisfied with those. Next application I will buy is something to split test with..

    Looking forward to your next post!
    Thomas Kragsig

    1. Isaiah Jackson

      Yo Thomas, (see what I did there lol)

      Anyways, yeah you can import your Aweber list into GetResponse. I would just build a new list inside of GetResponse though.

      Really don’t have any reasons why but thats what I’m doing with Aweber.

      Isaiah J.


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