WOW! Goal Found And Killed

WOW! Goal Found And Killed

Told you I will start doing this every Monday.

Okay what do I mean about the goal being found
and killed well here is what I mean.

Last week I set a goal of gaining 100 subs in 7 days.
Meaning I would go from 890 subs to 990 subs.

Well that didn’t happen, I went from 890 subs to
1,127 subs. Awesome right :-)

So what did I do you are probably wondering right.

I’ve done exactly what I said I was going to do last

  1. Bank clicks
  2. Giveaway Events
  3. Ad swaps

The only thing I did not do was sell more solos :-(
Shame on me :-(

Alright here are my current stats

1,127 subs (gained 237 subs)
Avg clicks per mail: 50 clicks
Unsub rate per mail: 0.36%

Add 150 Subs this week to my list
Next week I will have 1,300 subs on my email list.

PS. With the help of someone lets just call him
LT for now, I got an amazing idea for building this list
really, really fast. Thanks LT for the support

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